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Welcome to Shadow Ink Press!
We are a small publishing house putting the interests of the author first. Although this may be difficult to believe, Shadow Ink Press was founded by author Kristy Berridge, an Australian author who was once lucky enough to be discovered by a well-known publishing house—or so it would seem.

Like all first time authors she was bedazzled by the prospect of a publishing contract, and was immediately swept up in the world of editing, proofreading, cover design and book publication. It didn’t take long to discover that after having to hand substantial sums of money over to complete each stage, that the profit from the sale of her novels was also dissected into a ridiculously small margins of monetary gain. After taxes, marketing costs, storage fees and all associated ‘publishing costs’, Kristy ended up losing the hard-earned money she’d expected to gain from the sale of her literary fiction. Needless to say after her contract drew to a close she removed herself from the situation and tried to figure out a way to establish herself as an author without the backing of a major publishing house.

It can be done. Kristy immediately set about furthering her education in professional editing and proofreading, gathered a team of professionals to help her with typesetting and cover design, and finally moved forward into the publishing world with confidence and nothing to gain but 100% of her hard-earned profits. At Shadow Ink Press we believe entirely in the author’s right to both their intellectual property and the profits to be made from their sale. At Shadow Ink Press we work with the author to help them through every single stage of publication; beginning with editing—structural and copy—followed by proofreading, typesetting, cover design and final publication. We’re even interested in setting you up with a basic social media marketing plan and a list of ideas to further promote your work. Once we reach completion, all passwords, website details and publishing rights are handed over to you—the author—and thus so do 100% of the profit of sales.  

Questions? Doubts? Of course. Why don’t you familiarise yourself with what Shadow Ink Press has to offer and decide if it’s right for you.  

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