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Typesetting really is the heart of any good novel. It all seems so simple tapping away at a keyboard while free-flowing words of the next big manuscript compel your fingers to move with expert strokes. Sadly, all the hard work is for naught if the manuscript itself is not edited and then formatted correctly into your chosen style and size of novel.


At Shadow Ink Press we like to use standardised sizing (approximately 5.5” x 8.5”) for overall, finished book dimensions. This means that the pages and pages of text you’ve created as the author has to be condensed and correctly formatted to adapt to this new, book-like finish. This is no easy feat and can be incredibly time consuming; however, Shadow Ink Press works closely with the author to ensure that the internal pages of their creative novel are realised into book actuality.The stages of typesetting are as follows:


  1. A 50% deposit is paid directly to Shadow Ink Press before any commencement of work as well as a ‘Standard Agreement’ which outlines what will and won’t be provided along with guidelines for the author to follow. Once the deposit has been received and agreement signed, the typesetter will be in direct contact with the author either by phone or e-mail depending on geography. During this initial meet and greet, the typesetter will ascertain the author’s preferences for the process; the timeline in which they are expecting the completion of work and any other questions either party feels needs to be tackled before beginning.


  1. Once format and style has been established, the typesetter will set to work re-formatting the original manuscript into a useable document for future printing processes. In establishing the author’s preferences, the typesetter will post or e-mail an example of chapter beginnings and internal layout to ascertain the chosen styling; this is not the full manuscript but a small portion.


  1. Once the typesetting is complete, a printed copy of the entire formatted manuscript is mailed directly to the author for their perusal. The author should take the time to carefully move through the entire manuscript, assessing whether there is unusual spaces between words, widows and orphans on chapter endings, correct formatted sizing of chapter headings or any other minor changes they think needs to be changed before the typesetting option closes and the novel is ready for print.


  1. Once the author is satisfied and has clearly marked any corrections on the typeset manuscript along with a supporting document explaining the corrections (if warranted), the author must then post (or scan and e-mail) the amended portions of the document back for final corrections.


  1. Now that the typesetter has received these last changes, all corrections will be altered as per the request of the author and completed in a timely fashion. Shadow Ink Press will then send the balance invoice as well as a ‘Completion of Work Waiver’ that will need to be signed and returned with payment before the final release of work.


Please consider that if you do complete the typesetting process with Shadow Ink Press, we’d also be more than happy to assist you with your cover design and publishing needs. We also make it our mission to ensure our clients are attended to at every step of the way, so if at any time you need further clarification regarding any stage of any product process with this company, our friendly staff will always be happy to assist.


We also understand that time constraints are of constant concern for any busy author, thus we make your manuscript our priority and will discuss possible time frames required in order to complete typesetting within a timely fashion. However, there are the occasional extenuating circumstances which will naturally be disclosed to the author either before the process begins or as soon as possible so as not to cause unnecessary delays.


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