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Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of work does Shadow Ink Press Do?

Shadow Ink Press performs all of the steps necessary to produce a finished book. The author pays a fee that covers the cost of mechanical editing, page and cover design.  We deal with a wide range of genres, however our field of expertise lies in the supernatural.  We do not deal in biographies, educational material or poetry.


Do you accept electronic manuscript submissions?

Yes. This is a preferred method of handling manuscripts.


What are your manuscript submission guidelines?

Please email us with your request for submission of a manuscript and our Editor will be in touch with you shortly to outline our requirements.


How can I be sure my work will be protected?

As a reputable, trusted business, Shadow Ink Press will not use any material submitted to us without your written permission.


Who owns the publishing rights to my book?

You do. By signing our publishing agreement, you grant us the nonexclusive right to publish your book for as long as you like. We make no claim to any of your auxillary rights such as your electronic rights, we are here simply to help you.


Why should I publish with Shadow Ink Press?

As an author I understand the processes of publishing books and I can relate to the doubts and concerns when dealing with a company you are not sure of. It is because of this knowledge I understand the pitfalls that authors should avoid.


Who can I contact to help me with getting published?

The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for Australia's literary creators.  Visit their site at www.asauthors.org for information about writing, copyright and publishing.


How does the book publishing process work?

Once we have made initial contact and have received your material, we learn about your vision for the project before we bigin to work on your book. As soon as you return the galley to us, we will make any revisions you request and, if necessary, send you a second galley.  Your book is turned into an electronic computer file.


Do I need an ISBN number to self-publish?

We can obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for you, or you can obtain one yourself. Your unique ISBN will be listed on the copyright page at the front of your book. In addition, your ISBN will be incorporated into a bar code on your book's back cover.  This bar code prepares your book to be sold by booksellers and guarantees your self published title can be ordered from any bookseller in the world.


Do I need permission to reprint material (text, illustrations, cover art) published by Shadow Ink Press?

All material owned by Shadow Ink Press is protected by the Copyright Act of 1968. If you wish to reprint or reproduce any material from us, you must obtain written permission.  If the work from which you are requesting permission is not owned by us, then you must consult the credit or acknowledgments page and apply to the original source for permission to use the copyright material.  This also applies to photographs and illustrations.


Where should I send my permission request?

If Shadow Ink Press, then send to admin@shadowinkpress.com.au - if someone else, then refer to the above.


How long does it take to process a permission request?

If it is Shadow Ink Press, this can take up to one week.  If you need to obtain permission from an original source of work, then allow up to six weeks.


What is e.Book publishing?

If you are thinking about self publishing a book, you cannot go wrong with e-book publishing. Digital publishing costs can be much lower than traditional book publishing costs.  This makes the process more affordable for authors and also makes it possible for them to get their works out to a much wider audience.












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frequently asked questions